The 75% Raw Energy Rule

The amazing thing about living foods is that they vibrate with a special quality of energy. This energy when regularly taken into our body changes us physically and mentally, bringing clarity of mind and a sense of well being. The detoxification potential and high nutritional potency of a high raw diet has the ability to alter the body’s biochemistry, improving not only your physical state, but also your outlook on life.

It’s unhealthy to become fanatical about a way of eating to the extent that it runs your life. If sensibly prepared, healthy cooked foods, like quinoa or thai red rice to name a few, have considerable nutritional value and add variety to your intake.

Raw foods should be introduced to the diet slowly. Start by replacing one of your normal meals each day with a large fresh raw salad (Get creative!) or experiment with drinking fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies or herbal teas instead of coffee, tea, alcohol and soft drinks. Gradually cut out heavy meals, like highly processed pasta dishes and ready-made meals, until you reach a balance of 75 % raw and 25 % cooked foods or a similar ratio that feels good for you.

This is the best way to discover the benefits of raw energy!


romeyThe 75% Raw Energy Rule

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