HAPPYLIFE’s “Becoming Me” Wellness Day

This past weekend a good friend of mine, Lisa from LIFETRAIN, and I held our first ever Wellness Day. The Day encompassed all of the things that we love: yoga, meditation and a series of plant based cooking demonstrations. We are interested in showing fellow beings of light how all of these gifts that we love have helped us to heal and to grow over the past several years of journey through this, sometimes rocky, road of life. The main goal was to allow people to take the time out for themselves, and to experience a full day of deep nourishment, rest and relaxation whilst learning some simple tools to connect with the body and soul.

Who would have thought that while we were sitting on Lisa’s apartment floor earlier this year designing our vision boards together that the day would have arrived so soon? Incredible things happened over the course of the day and what follows is a brief rundown of the day’s events.

We started the day off with two superfood smoothies, my favourite green smoothie and a creamy dessert like mulberry milk, followed by an hour long yin yoga session to connect people to their breath and bodies straight off the bat.



Then, as a group, we dove head first into a mindfulness talk lead by Lisa. Her opening question, “What do you believe the purpose of life to be?” got people sharing and connecting and set the tone for the rest of the day.


We spent most of the rest of the day cooking, chatting, laughing and lunching. The main demonstration included a wheat & gluten free bread loaf with caraway seeds and olives, a cashew nut and coriander pesto, a quinoa hemp seed and pine nut tabbouleh with parsley and mint leaves, rice paper rolls with dreamy chocolate peanut butter and miso sauce, superfood crunchy squares, and a creamy banana cardamom ice cream.


We finished with a meditation, showing people the benefits of centering and silencing the mind.


Lisa and I, have both found comfort in this life from leaning towards truthful self reflection and learning from our experiences while endeavouring to learn more about the unique gifts with which we are all mystically blessed and how to share them with one another. We share the intention to heal the self and thereby support the people that we come into contact with on a day-to-day basis.

We have been friends for a very long time and so integrating our businesses seemed like a natural step. Our passions are similar and our aspirations interconnected. We are both intent on spreading this message of health and self-empowerment to as many people as possible. We want to help and empower you to take easier steps towards connecting to the body and deeply nourishing oneself with high quality great tasting natural and unprocessed foods, using mindfulness practices, yoga and/or meditation.

Lisa’s Blog focuses on the relationship between a healthy body and mind and my Feed Me Happy Blog is a platform to show people the amazing and delicious plant based foods that are available to us, and how there is no need to be in a state of lack when eating plant based foods.

We joined forces by combining our knowledge with the purpose of educating those who are seeking an alternative lifestyle making use of the above mentioned, and so, HAPPYLIFE was born.


We were lucky enough to find our beautiful venue for this first ever event with ease and grace and we knew we were on the right path. It just happened to be on the most gorgeous property, with elegant décor and wide-open spaces, heh! We started planning and compiling a list of all the things we thought we would need. I was trying to wrap my mind around how I was going to cook for twenty people, a feat never before attempted.


We were broken hearted when Monday rolled round, a mere five days before our event was to be held. We only had 3 excited people that had paid and confirmed their placement. My feeling from a business perspective was that unless we had at least 10 people joining us (to at least cover our costs) by the end of Tuesday evening then we would have to cancel the event. Lisa responded by opening her heart to the possibility of strong criticism by pleading for support and entrusting the truth and intention with our connected network along with the promise that it would be 100% worth it. We hosted our day with 19 people in total. Talk about confirmation that we were on the right track! Hooray!

I guess one never really knows the extent to which they have touched a person’s life. We received such amazing feedback from the day and I believe that we managed to encourage the healthy change that we set out to inspire.

We are deeply thankful to all of the people who made the decision to come and learn with us. It was heart warming to see all of the smiling faces as everyone departed and to feel the warm and genuine hugs as people said their goodbyes.



Throwing this event was possibly the best way to end off a year feeling utter excitement for what is to come.

Go after your dreams. You always know more then you think you do, and the only way to conquer your fears is by taking action. If your purpose is genuine and you mean to inspire and uplift the people who come into your life then that is exactly what you will do – it is the intention that counts.

There will definitely be more of these days to come, and I am eager for all of the challenges and the potential growth that they hold.

Hooray for HAPPYLIFE!




romeyHAPPYLIFE’s “Becoming Me” Wellness Day

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  1. Alida Botha

    Hi, I read about you in the latest Food and Home and went to your website. I would love to join one of your Wellness Days in 2016. Please can you keep me informed. I love your concept.


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      Hi Alida, I am no longer hosting events in Jhb. If you would like information on any future events follow me on Instgram (feed_me_happy) or on Facebook (Feed Me Happy) for updates on the event side of things. I am based in CT and will likely be doing something this side <3

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