Watermelon, Olive & Mint salad


Aloha Happy People!

This week’s blog post is something fun lovin’ to keep you jiving to this summer vibe. There’s nothing better then biting into a chunky piece of juicy watermelon on a summer’s afternoon, and this may just be the perfect summer afternoon starter. It wets the taste buds, and still leaves room for mains and dessert!

This taste combination is quite interesting, and if you enjoy stepping out and trying new things, then this recipe is for you! The sweetness of the watermelon and the saltiness of the olives and feta (optional for those who prefer to avoid animal products) is very exciting!! Or at least I find it exciting…but there is a slight possibility that I am a food geek… Could be worse, right!?

With the banting/paleo way of eating being quite a hype at the moment, I find that some people are a bit puzzled by fruit and what role it plays in the everyday diet. Well today, I hope to shed some light on this little phenomenon.


Beautiful Juicy Delight

Beautiful Juicy Delight


Traditionally, fructose (fruit sugar) was only found in its high-fiber fruit form. Today, however, this is not the case. With modern technology we can now produce fructose sugar artificially which means it is abundantly available in the modern diet. In its manufactured form – fructose granular sugar and high fructose corn sugar – is added to virtually all soft drinks, sweets, yoghurt, and other beverages. It is estimated that the Paleolithic diet contained a daily average of 16-20 g of fructose (roughly one portion of fruit). Today the average man consumes 85-100 g fructose. It’s no wonder that diseases of the lifestyle (diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia) are constantly on the rise.

Our modern diet has caused the consumption of free fructose to escalate beyond what is reasonable and may well be contributing to the increased risk of insulin resistance worldwide.

However, please do not fear! Fruit is not the problem and you don’t need to waste your time being mislead by any fruit haters! The real problem is the manufacturing process of sweet convenience foods.

So when you want to enjoy a piece of fruit, enjoy it! If you want to enjoy two pieces of fruit, that’s cool too. Remember that a healthy balance is the best way for all of us. That, and including a spectrum of minerals from a wide range of high quality foods will ensure that your body is buzzing at a high energetic frequency. And lastly, if it comes from Mother Earth and it is not processed – then it is good for you!!! Capiche?

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How to put this bad boy together:

(Makes one bowl)

230 g watermelon
½ a cucumber
60 g feta
7 olives


Dice the watermelon into bite size blocks (I suggest you-tubing easy ways to cut a watermelon. This seriously helps!) then continue to dice, dice, dice, dice your cucumber! Remove the pips from your olives, and dice them too.. and finish your dish with a flourish of feta (bite size blocks are best) Top it all off with a glug of cold pressed olive oil, a squeeze of lime and a crack of pepper. Enjoy!

With love always,

Romey x


romeyWatermelon, Olive & Mint salad

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  1. Skye

    I’m always told that eating fruit should be avoided when trying to drop weight and fat. If I’m understanding you correctly, this is fallacy? As you point out balance is key – losing weight would be hard eating 40 fruit a day but are we saying a daily intake of 3 fruit is cool?

    BTW – this is the only time I’ve actually liked eating watermelon – the divide between between sweet and salty is just too epic!

    1. Post

      Hi Skye,

      Losing weight comes down to multiple factors. There are both mental and emotional aspects that one has to consider, as well as overall eating practices, exercise frequency and alcohol consumption. Balance is key, as well as knowing yourself well enough to determine what foods are affecting you positively and what foods have a negative affect. So my overall advice, which is usually what I go back to every time – Listen to your body!

      2-3 fruits per day for a man who is exercising is completely acceptable.

      Hope this helps,

      Stay Fruity!

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